Singapore Discovery Centre

Singapore Discovery Centre
Singapore (2021)

  1. SDC needs colour of 60 lights to be changed monthly to create different scenes for multiple events
  2. In normal system, every light is to be paired individually to a remote control. Hence, SDC will need 60 remote controllers to control and change the colours of 60 lights. There will be too many settings for the desire combinations.
  3. The deployment is not a light show. Due to budget constraint, implementing conventional wired solution with coloured bulb is not viable.
  1. C2Me RGB Cube which is IP65 rated is used. It can withstand water is suitable for outdoor use.
  2. When used with C2Me lighting control platform, all Cubes can be individually controlled or grouped to create multiple lighting scenes.
  3. C2ME Gateway and Dashboard enable remote programming and control.

Products Used